Please view our availability calendar below. You will be required to speak to a representative of BVR outfitters, and also submit a signed Hunt Contract before permitted to book a hunt.



  1. View our Hunt Schedule and find a time that you would like to book a hunt.
  2. Call our office at (303) 518-6642 to speak to a Guide, and to make arrangements for your reservation.
  3. Once you have been approved for a Reservation, please complete our BVR Contract and Agreement for Outfitting Services, and email it to
  4. Once we have received your BVR Contract and Agreement for Outfitting Services and your hunt has been approved, we will send you an invoice for your reservation.

All hunts include meals, lodging, guide (1 on 2 hunters) and we will get your elk from the field to our base camp.  This does not include transportation, license, gratuity or taxidermy.

How much should you tip and who gets a tip?  All of our staff will work very hard to make your hunt a successful and memorable experience.  Please tip your Guide and the Camp Cook as they are the ones that really make your trip a success.

Our recommendations are as follows: 

Guide:The industry standard tip for a Guide averages 10% +/- of your hunt cost.  This is assuming that your guide gives 110% effort,we feel that a fair tip should be around $700 with an excellent tip being more then that.  Remember that our guides are very much in control of their efforts but not the animals.

Camp Cook:Industry standard Camp Cooks receive $20 - $25 per day per hunter.  Again, tip according to the effort put in by your cook as they keep your bellies full and energy levels up!

Skinning and Capping heads: Some of our guides can skin and or cape your trophies for your taxidermist.  If you request to have this done by one of our guides please give a little extra $$.